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Who is Sapphire Software

Sapphire Software produces games for virtual reality on PCs and mobile devices. Our virtual reality games are designed to take advantage of room scale where you can move and explore the virtual game surface.

  • Our first virtual reality title Banshee Force is a virtual reality game where you command the legendary Banshee Force Weapons Platform. Standing in the middle of a planetary battle you use the weapons platform to stop the invaders and build a defense that can outlast the enemy. The game puts you right in the center of action of a planetary tower defense game.

Our mobile device games are designed for the several times when you or your child have a little idle time on their hands and could benefit from a simple fun gaming experience.

  • Waiting for a movie or play to start.
  • Waiting for food to come or to get a seat in a restaurant.
  • Riding to a friend or relatives house.
  • And many more…